10- The old computers are still fine

“You probably had to invest a lot of money in new computers if you’ve purchased a powerful hotel management software” Mr Smith speculates as they’re having a chat with the hotelier after dinner.

Being a computer scientist, he’s always interested in the hardware and software that is used in the different industries.

“You won’t believe it,” the hotelier counters “but that’s not the case. My five-year-old computers are still fine and keep working smoothly. I didn’t have to invest any money in hardware because the new software is completely based in the cloud.”

Mrs Jones says goodbye. She’s booked a massage online in the hotel at last minute and can’t wait to be pampered. “That’s a very smart solution” Mr Smith approves by nodding.

Then, he adds: “That would mean that you can access to your hotel from everywhere in the world, right?”

“Exactly” the hotelier confirms. “Once it’s quieter in the hotel, I’ll be able to take a day off and manage everything from remote. I would never want to go back to pencils, paper and Excel lists.”


There’s modern hotel management software that are completely based in the cloud and hardly need the available hardware (computer).

CASY (casy.ch) is an example of it–and it works both on Windows as well as on Apple.


In the next chapter,Mrs Jones is falling asleep while Mr Smith tells her about costs.

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9- A chat with the guests

For almost ten years, towards the end of autumn, Mr Smith and Mrs Jones have treated themselves to a wellness stay in this beautiful hotel between the mountains of Valais. They’re now sitting on the terrace, the sun’s shining, and the hotelier has joined them to have a chat.

Surprised, Mr Smith comments: “Well, that’s new! Since when do you have time to sit with the guests and even look relaxed? Don’t get me wrong, you’ve always been very nice, but we could always feel that you didn’t have much time”.


“That’s right” the hotelier confirms. He explains: “Since last spring, a lot has changed indeed as after long evaluations, we’ve chosen a modern hotel management software. Since then, many work processes have become much faster. The software’s relieved me a great deal, and I enjoy spending more time with my guests. At the end of the day, they’re the reason why I’ve become a hotelier – not the administrative work.”


A modern hotel management software like CASY (casy.ch) allows the managers to spend more time with their guests and to take care of the relationship with them instead of sitting in an office.

In the next chapter, Mr Smith will be talking with the hotelier about outdated computers and remote access.

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8- So cheap!

Mrs Jones is in a good mood. They’ve been spending their holidays in southern, Italian-speaking Switzerland for three days now, the sun is shining and she’s just ordered the fifth glass of Prosecco. During the dinner in a cozy restaurant at the lake promenade, they’ve started to chat with a couple sitted at the table next to them.


“Our holidays have never been so cheap. So, we’ve got more money for prosecco!” she tells giggling. The alcohol is showing its influence. “Yes” her partner confirms, “we’ve booked very short-term, and our offer has costed 30% less than two months earlier. These days, some hotels use the same method as airlines:they have dynamic prices based on the offer, the demand and the time to increase their occupancy rate.”


“That’s interesting” their neighbour comments. “And this really works?”

“I guess so, or there wouldn’t be more and more hotels doing that” Mr Smith answers. He tries to impress him by showing off his technical vocabulary: “Professionals call this Fielding.”

“No, darling, it’s called Yielding” Mrs Jones corrects him with a smile.Yielding indeed uses dynamic prices and increases perceivably the occupancy rate as well as the earnings.


A modern hotel management software like CASY (casy.ch) allows also small hotels and resorts to work withmodern methods.In the next chapter, a hotelier is revealing why he’s been feeling more relaxed lately

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7- Your room’s ready now

Mr Smith and Mrs Jones have taken the train to visit the city of St. Gallen. As the Swiss national holidayoccurs on a Friday this year, they want to spend the long weekend in a stylish city hotel.They’re welcomed kindly at the reception.


“You’re a bit early, the housekeeping hasn’t prepared your roomyet. May I offer you something to drink in the meanwhile?” the receptionist asks after thecheck-informalities.Mr Smith and Mrs Jones are sitting in two comfortable club chairs near the reception while enjoying arelaxing herbal tea.


Their cups are still half full when the receptionist approaches them: “Your room’s readynow”.Mr Smith is astonished: “Excuse me, but how do you know that? You haven’t answered any phone call andnobody’s come by to inform you”.

“Our housekeeping has a tablet which allows them to indicate when a room’s ready, and I see itimmediately on the computer screen” thereceptionist explains with a smile.A modern hotel management software like CASY (casy.ch) connects the reception with the housekeeping inreal time.

At the same time, the housekeeping is informed as soon as a room has checked out.In the next chapter, things are going to be quite merry.

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6- A Speedy check in

As the last hotel was overbooked, another accommodation in the neighbouring village has been found forMr Smith and Mrs Jones. Now, they’re approaching a reception for the second time within just one hour.‘Oh no’ says Mrs Jones. ‘So many people. It’ll take forever.’ Her happy holiday-mood is tried a lot today.Interestingly, although a dozen people are gathered in front of the reception, one of the two receptionists is actually free.


Therefore, Mr Smith wriggles through the crowd to get to her.He’s astonished to see that she hands him a tablet after welcoming him. ‘Mr Smith, you can do the check inby yourself on this tablet. You just have to fill in the required fields and once you’ve finished, please bring it back to my colleague or to me.’Less than five minutes later, the lift brings them up to the fifth floor, where a “bedroom with a panoramic view” awaits them.


Now, the holidays can start for real.A modern hotel management software like CASY (casy.ch) gives you the opportunity to offer a self-check-into your guests, by using tablets at your hotel or even by doing it online.

This way, queues at the reception belong to the past, and the data is transferred automatically to the system.

In the next chapter, Mr Smith will be even more astonished.

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5- So sorry, we’re overbooked

It’s summer in the Bernese Oberland.

Mr Smith and Mrs Jones are looking forward to a week of wellness and trekking around the famous mountains Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. ‘The offer is so great, and I’m so happy that you’ve booked in advance’ she repeats again and again. She really can’t wait for this holiday to start.

They arrive at around four o’clock in the afternoon. They glance through the glass door towards the reception. ‘We’re so lucky, there’s nobody waiting!’ Mrs Jones notices happily.‘Hello, my name’s Smith, I’ve booked the special wellness and trekking offer’ says Mr Smith, while handing over the booking confirmation. The two young men, wearing elegant sports jackets, exchange awkward looks.

‘Welcome, Mr Smith. We’re so sorry, but there’s a problem. We’re completely full.’‘But I have a valid booking confirmation’ Mr Smith protests indignantly.‘Yes, that’s true, and we’re extremely sorry for that, but we had published the offer on different booking platforms and there must’ve been a problem. You’re already the second client today that we couldn’t accommodate.’

With a modern hotel management software like CASY (casy.ch), you can save a lot of hassle. From the software, you can manage all online booking platforms and keep an eye on them in real time. In the next chapter, a hotel proves to be keeping up with the times.

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4- Stressed hoteliers

After a nightcap at the bar, Mr Smith and Mrs Jones want to go to the reception to make a remark about the disappointing surprise menu. ‘I think they owe me something’ says Mrs Jones to her partner, ‘what they served me was miserable’.

There is no one at the reception. Therefore, Mrs Jones rings the golden bell. Three minutes go by, but nobody arrives. The second time, she hits the bell harder, but without success. ‘They call it a 24-hours-reception on their website. I think they’re just referring to the furniture’ she comments dryly, as after further minutes anybody hasn’t arrived yet. Right in this moment, a door behind the reception opens, and a woman with greyish hair arrives. ‘Oh, have you been waiting for long?’

‘A bit, yeah’ Mrs Jones expression is not a good sign.

‘I’m so sorry.’ The hotelier tries to calm her. ‘I was so concentrated on paperwork that I didn’t hear you a tall. We’ve had a lot of arrivals today, and I had to fill in all notification forms for the police.’

With a modern hotel management software like CASY (casy.ch), notification forms can be generated within the system in just a few seconds.

In the next chapter, Mr Smith and Mrs Jones will experience the worst-case scenario for hotel guest.

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3- I’m vegan!

Only once they’ve arrived in the rustic-style restaurant, the tension between Mr Smith and Mrs Jones eases. They’re looking forward to their four-course surprise meal. The waitress brings the starter to thetable with an elegant gesture and says: ‘A graved salmon mousse…’


‘I’m sorry’ Mrs Jones interrupts her ‘but I’m vegan. I communicated that when we booked the hotel. Have you not been informed?’ The waitress apologises profusely and brings MrsJones’ plate back to the kitchen.Mrs Jones’ surprise meal reveals itself to be a vegetable soup, a small mixed salad and a vegetable plate asa main course. ‘It looks to me as if the kitchen team wasn’t prepared to cook me a decent vegan meal’ she comments to her partner.


Mrs Jones is going to complain about it to the hotel management, and she’s right to do so. But things could’ve gone different: with a modern hotel software such as CASY (casy.ch), you can print daily updated lists with information for the kitchen, the housekeeping and much more.

In the next chapter, the patience of our guests is going to be tried a lot.

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2- Where’s the key?

After the long wait at the reception, Mr Smith and Mrs Jones could go on their hike after all, and now they’re back at the reception.

Mr Smith asks for the key: ‘Room 203’. The receptionist shows an apologetic smile: ‘I’m sorry, but you haven’t given us the key, you should have it with you’.‘Do you have it?’ Mr Smith asks his partner with an accusing undertone. ‘No, I’ve seen how you’ve put it in the outer pocket of your backpack this morning’Mrs Jones answers, slightly annoyed.

All searching and blaming is useless: the key has disappeared. After they’ve put back all their things in the backpack, the receptionist goes with them to the upper floor and opens the door with the master ‘It’d be great if you found the key, otherwise we’ll have to change the lock and charge you for it’ she explains politely before leaving.

Mr Smith’s mood darken seven more, like the sky outside. Problems like this are unnecessary nowadays.

With a digital access system, you don’t even need to change locks anymore. A modern hotel management software like CASY (casy.ch) makes things a lot easier.

In the next chapter, Mrs Jones is offered a quite unique “surprise meal.

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1- Two typical hotel guests

Allow me to introduce Mr Smith and Mrs Jones to you: two typical hotel guests like every hotelier would picture them. With them, we’ll travel through Switzerland and its hotels and follow their experiences. Today, they’re directed towards the mountains in the Grisons.

After a two hours’ car drive, they finally arrive at a cosy hotel, and Mr Smith is looking forward to putting on his walking shoes and enjoying the sunny spring afternoon while going hiking on the nearest mountain. If only he knew…

Just before them, three other couples have arrived, and now they’re queuing at the reception to do the check in. After a seemingly infinite time, the first couple carries their suitcases into the lift. Mr Smith rolls his eyes and glances at his partner: ‘Why’s it taking so long’? It’s their turn at last. The elegant receptionist who welcomes them is extremely kind, and her smile makes them almost forget the long wait – almost.

Dear reader, have you ever had a similar experience? You can be quicker, for example with a modern hotel management software like CASY (casy.ch).

The next chapter will be about a missing room key.





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