Digitalisation helps you save time and costs for your hotel management

The widespread digitalisation has transformed most industries and continues to do so. The hotel industry is no exception to this trend.

CASY is a comprehensive front-office programme that greatly facilitates the management of hotels, guesthouses, holiday homes and resorts.

The challenge for hotels is to become smarter and offer their guests technological and digital services.

Management software is the ideal solution for this, because it allows you to centralise and optimise all front-office and back-office activities of your hotel. 

With our innovative CASY software, you can have all the important information for the management of your hotel in one place:

– Simple and intuitive use 

– No need for additional hardware; access possible from anywhere in the world (also from mobile) 

– Clear accounting and control of revenues 

All this at an unbeatable price-performance ratio!


A digitalised hotel management simplifies processes, which leads to savings in time and money – not only for managers, but also for guests.

Our CASY Hotel Software allows you to keep up with the latest digitalisation requirements of the market without needing to make large technological investments. It is, in fact, a cloud-based solution that can be perfectly customised to the needs of each individual hotel facility.

The CASY Hotel Software guarantees all our customers an organised and secure management. Thanks to our software, you can manage your hotel optimally, saving time and costs and retrieving the information you need quickly and efficiently. 

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All the new features of the CASY Hotel Software

With CASY Hotel Software, you rely on a modern, convenient and user-friendly hotel software designed to optimise your hotel management work.

By centralising information, you save time, minimise errors and simplify procedures.


CASY was created by professionals from the hotel industry to offer the best to hotel managers.

CASY is a so-called cloud solution that does not require any additional hardware.

As easy as it is to surf the Internet, as easy it is to access the CASY Software from anywhere.

We are constantly updating our platform to introduce new features and improvements based on customer feedback and requests from the hotel industry.


All of our customers have been pleased to use the following new features free of charge in the latest update of our CASY Hotel Management Software:

  • Booking accounts can automatically add other accounts (e.g. tourist tax)
  • Swiss-QR payment bill: you can create a new invoice template with a QR code
  • In case of online bookings, CASY recognises the source (homepage,, expedia, etc.). This can be saved in a new field in the booking entry.
  • In case of online bookings, CASY recognises the rate plan (BAR, BAR OTA, NRF, etc.). This can be linked to a specific booking account and automatically recorded in the booking accounts.
  • In case of online cancellations, the original booking can now be recognised and automatically moved to a “cancellation room”. This immediately frees up the original room and makes it immediately bookable again.
  • Incoming online bookings are placed in the best possible rooms. CASY searches for the optimal free room within the room category.
  • During the login process, you can activate a captcha as additional security (Google Captcha).



Your data will be safe with CASY.

The CASY Hotel Software guarantees organised and secure management for all our customers. With our software, you can manage your hotel optimally, save time and costs and retrieve the information you want quickly and efficiently.

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