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Top 5 benefits of Casy hotel management software

CASY is a comprehensive front-office program that greatly facilitates the management and operation of hotels, guesthouses, vacation homes and resorts.
The advantages of hotel management thanks to CASY are numerous: let’s see the main ones together.

Improve the management of your facility
Thanks to CASY, you will be able to have punctual, precise and real-time control of all the most important data for the management of your facility at any time. Management through CASY is complete and covers every aspect of its business.
It will have numerous statistics available to monitor every aspect and the ability to make long-term predictions.

It is suitable for all structures, large and small

Do you manage a small hotel and want to simplify the management and monitoring of activities but are afraid of running into excessive costs?
Digitization does not stop even in front of small and medium-sized hotels: CASY is the flexible and effective solution.
CASY, in fact, can be extended in a modular way at any time, so as to adapt perfectly to your needs: you only pay for what you really need.
It is therefore an extremely flexible solution that adapts perfectly to the needs of each customer and to the specificities of the accommodation facility.


Easy and intuitive to use
Our software allows you to carry out reception tasks in a simple, fast and effective way.
It does not need to install additional hardware and management is done completely in the cloud: access is possible from anywhere in the world and with any device.


Made in Switzerland
CASY is the software made in Switzerland.
Switzerland is the land of quality and innovation. This is why we guarantee all our customers the best performance in the management of their structure thanks to CASY
Switzerland is also synonymous with security in all areas, especially in the IT sector.
Your data will be safe with CASY.
The CASY hotel software guarantees all our customers an organized and safe management.

Created by hotel industry professionals
CASY software was born from the experience and passion of hotel professionals.
Thanks to the twenty years of experience gained in the management of proprietary structures in the hotel sector and daily contact with hotel and resort managers, the expertise of the creators of CASY is truly unparalleled.
Customer support is a priority for us that we manage with care and attention. The software configuration is customized based on the needs of the structure and the customer care support is tailored to the customer’s needs.
We attach great importance to the configuration and initial instruction of the program so as to adapt it to the hotel and its characteristics.

All this with an unbeatable quality-price ratio!
We are at your disposal to answer any questions: contact us here.

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The new version of Casy is coming!

Big news is coming for CASY customers and beyond!
We have long been working on a novelty that is very close to our hearts: a new version of our software.

Our goal is to always guarantee the best to ours: the most advanced technology and the most convenient interface to help you better manage your facility by optimizing time and costs.

The new version is ready and is currently distributed in beta to some of our customers for final testing. Once this phase of alignment has been passed, it will be available to everyone.

The new CASY interface is even simpler, more immediate and intuitive. The aim we have tried to pursue in the development of this CASY update is precisely the desire to simplify the work of our customers.
Not only simplification and usability, but also enhancement and new features.
We have enhanced our interfaces with various restaurant cash register systems.
These interfaces allow you to integrate external systems to further automate the work upon receipt.

Innovating and offering the best has always been part of our entrepreneurial spirit and our Swiss roots.
Do not miss the opportunity for your hotel: CASY costs are modular according to the needs of the specific structure and are amortized in a short time. The functionality and effectiveness are unmatched.
With CASY, the modern hotel management program, increase the percentage of direct bookings on your site, reduce administrative burdens and save on online booking portal commissions
The CASY Front Office program is incredibly easy to use and greatly reduces the amount of work in the reception area.

Contact us now for all the information you want.

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Synchronization with online booking portals even for small structures

Do you work in a small hotel? Do you want to simplify the management and monitoring of activities but are afraid of running into excessive costs?

The solution is there and it is much simpler than you think!

CASY Front is a complete Front Office program with an intuitive user interface that can be used quickly and easily.

Our software allows you to carry out reception tasks in a simple, fast and effective way.

CASY is a so-called Cloud Solution where authorized users can access the program

anywhere and work comfortably even with mobile devices.

The most important advantages of the platform are:

– Easy and intuitive use thanks to the simple interface

– No need to install additional hardware: access is possible from anywhere in the world and with any device

– Punctual, precise and real-time control of all the most important data for the management of your facility

– Complete management of every aspect of your business

– Numerous statistics available for management control and the possibility of making long-term forecasts.

Another advantage that makes CASY a truly unique solution, suitable for all types of hotel facilities, is his interface with Channel Managers.

The Channel Manager is a tool that interfaces with online booking channels such as, Expedia, Venere and others to automatically update inventory and prices without having to access the individual extranets related to the channels.

What does this mean?

The Channel Manager functionality allows you to sell your rooms within the main online booking portals and monitor their progress through a single interface.

Two ways communication, in fact, guarantees the synchronization of information between the online booking platforms and the website of its structure.

Thanks to the connected Channel Manager you will have direct access to your website and other booking channels in a centralized way.

CASY is the online solution, simple and convenient.


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Home Office für Ihr Hotel dank CASY

Smart Working wird für eine große Anzah

Smart Working wird für eine große Anzahl von Arbeitnehmerinnen zur täglichen Realität.

Haben Sie schon einmal über die Möglichkeit nachgedacht, Ihr Hotel umfassend und sicher zu verwalten, auch während Sie im Home Office arbeiten?
Besitzen Sie die richtigen Werkzeuge, um die Verwaltungs- und Managementaktivitäten Ihres Hotels auch aus der Ferne zu koordinieren?
Ab jetzt ist dies möglich, dank CASY.
CASY Front ist ein vollständiges Front-Office-Programm, das die Verwaltung und den Betrieb von Hotels, Pensionen, Ferienhäusern und Resorts erheblich vereinfacht.
Eines der interessantesten Vorteile davon ist die cloudbasierte Verwaltung der Plattform. Dies ermöglicht Ihnen den Zugriff auf die relevanten Daten Ihres Hotels, indem Sie nur einen Internetanschluss und einen Computer benötigen.
Von überall auf der Welt haben Sie Zugriff auf Ihre Daten – für die Nutzung unserer Software ist keine zusätzliche Hardware erforderlich.
So einfach, wie Sie überall auf der Welt im Internet surfen, so einfach können Sie auch von jedem Ort auf CASY zugreifen. CASY ist mit Windows, Mac und Linux kompatibel und funktioniert auf Desktop-Computern, Laptops, Tablets und Smartphones.
Wahrlich unbegrenzte Zugriffsmöglichkeiten!
Dank der Hotelmanagement-Software CASY können Sie Ihr Hotel auch aus der Ferne verwalten und haben die Kontrolle über alle relevanten Informationen.

Die Möglichkeit, dank CASY Ihr Hotel vollständig und effizient in einer smarten Arbeitsumgebung zu verwalten erlaubt Ihnen, verschiedene Situationen effektiv zu bewältigen:
– Wenn Ihr Hotel momentan geschlossen ist, können Sie weiterhin die Buchungen für den Zeitraum der Wiedereröffnung bequem von zu Hause aus verwalten.
– Wenn ein Teil Ihrer Mitarbeiter im Home Office arbeitet, sind alle wichtigen Verwaltungs- und Managementinformationen per Mausklick verfügbar.

Die Flexibilität und Benutzerfreundlichkeit unserer Software sind perfekt auf den derzeit so wichtigen Bedarf an Geschwindigkeit, Effizienz und Verfügbarkeit abgestimmt.
Möchten Sie herausfinden, ob CASY das Richtige für Sie ist?
Wir stehen Ihnen bei allen Fragen zur Verwendung unserer Software zur Verfügung.

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Hotel Marketing: Are You Using Your Customer Data Effectively?

Hotel marketing is an activity that includes a great variety of elements, skills and strategies available to hoteliers with the aim of maximizing results: the path that leads to the purchase is so rich in variables that it becomes necessary to concentrate one’s own efforts on the correct potential host segment.

The fundamental aspect to start from is represented by the concept of customer journey or the typical path that your typical user takes from when he decides to make a journey to the moment he leaves your facility.

To understand the customer journey of your typical user, it is important to have a database rich in historical and forecast data.

According to research, one of the elements at the top of the wish list of customers during their stay at the hotel is the personalization of the experience.

Thanks to technology there is no excuse to ignore customer preferences and specifically cater to their individual wishes.

To better understand the behavior of your customers with respect to booking, their buying habits and what their favorite services are, you can use the data you collect in your facility’s management database.

Thanks to the use of our hotel management software, it is possible to have all the data necessary for an effective development of the Hotel Marketing activity.

When developing a marketing strategy, a large number of factors need to be taken into consideration: the offline channels that are important to the business, the most effective and prioritized online channels, and the methods to monitor and quantify results in order to optimize strategy implemented.

The importance of the data, within this analysis path, is a priority.

There are various types of numbers and information that you can decide to keep and manage within your customer database:

– Data that helps you segment customers into large different categories (e.g. those who travel for work or leisure, couples, families, etc.)

– The data that reveal the how and when of the trip (how long before is the reservation made? In what period of the year does the trip take place?)

– Behavioral data that allow you to have personalized information about the customer (type of room booked, extra services chosen).

We are here to answer all your questions about the use of our software.

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