4- Stressed hoteliers

After a nightcap at the bar, Mr Smith and Mrs Jones want to go to the reception to make a remark about the disappointing surprise menu. ‘I think they owe me something’ says Mrs Jones to her partner, ‘what they served me was miserable’.

There is no one at the reception. Therefore, Mrs Jones rings the golden bell. Three minutes go by, but nobody arrives. The second time, she hits the bell harder, but without success. ‘They call it a 24-hours-reception on their website. I think they’re just referring to the furniture’ she comments dryly, as after further minutes anybody hasn’t arrived yet. Right in this moment, a door behind the reception opens, and a woman with greyish hair arrives. ‘Oh, have you been waiting for long?’

‘A bit, yeah’ Mrs Jones expression is not a good sign.

‘I’m so sorry.’ The hotelier tries to calm her. ‘I was so concentrated on paperwork that I didn’t hear you a tall. We’ve had a lot of arrivals today, and I had to fill in all notification forms for the police.’

With a modern hotel management software like CASY (casy.ch), notification forms can be generated within the system in just a few seconds.

In the next chapter, Mr Smith and Mrs Jones will experience the worst-case scenario for hotel guest.

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3- I’m vegan!

Only once they’ve arrived in the rustic-style restaurant, the tension between Mr Smith and Mrs Jones eases. They’re looking forward to their four-course surprise meal. The waitress brings the starter to thetable with an elegant gesture and says: ‘A graved salmon mousse…’


‘I’m sorry’ Mrs Jones interrupts her ‘but I’m vegan. I communicated that when we booked the hotel. Have you not been informed?’ The waitress apologises profusely and brings MrsJones’ plate back to the kitchen.Mrs Jones’ surprise meal reveals itself to be a vegetable soup, a small mixed salad and a vegetable plate asa main course. ‘It looks to me as if the kitchen team wasn’t prepared to cook me a decent vegan meal’ she comments to her partner.


Mrs Jones is going to complain about it to the hotel management, and she’s right to do so. But things could’ve gone different: with a modern hotel software such as CASY (casy.ch), you can print daily updated lists with information for the kitchen, the housekeeping and much more.

In the next chapter, the patience of our guests is going to be tried a lot.

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