7- Your room’s ready now

Mr Smith and Mrs Jones have taken the train to visit the city of St. Gallen. As the Swiss national holidayoccurs on a Friday this year, they want to spend the long weekend in a stylish city hotel.They’re welcomed kindly at the reception.


“You’re a bit early, the housekeeping hasn’t prepared your roomyet. May I offer you something to drink in the meanwhile?” the receptionist asks after thecheck-informalities.Mr Smith and Mrs Jones are sitting in two comfortable club chairs near the reception while enjoying arelaxing herbal tea.


Their cups are still half full when the receptionist approaches them: “Your room’s readynow”.Mr Smith is astonished: “Excuse me, but how do you know that? You haven’t answered any phone call andnobody’s come by to inform you”.

“Our housekeeping has a tablet which allows them to indicate when a room’s ready, and I see itimmediately on the computer screen” thereceptionist explains with a smile.A modern hotel management software like CASY (casy.ch) connects the reception with the housekeeping inreal time.

At the same time, the housekeeping is informed as soon as a room has checked out.In the next chapter, things are going to be quite merry.

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6- A Speedy check in

As the last hotel was overbooked, another accommodation in the neighbouring village has been found forMr Smith and Mrs Jones. Now, they’re approaching a reception for the second time within just one hour.‘Oh no’ says Mrs Jones. ‘So many people. It’ll take forever.’ Her happy holiday-mood is tried a lot today.Interestingly, although a dozen people are gathered in front of the reception, one of the two receptionists is actually free.


Therefore, Mr Smith wriggles through the crowd to get to her.He’s astonished to see that she hands him a tablet after welcoming him. ‘Mr Smith, you can do the check inby yourself on this tablet. You just have to fill in the required fields and once you’ve finished, please bring it back to my colleague or to me.’Less than five minutes later, the lift brings them up to the fifth floor, where a “bedroom with a panoramic view” awaits them.


Now, the holidays can start for real.A modern hotel management software like CASY (casy.ch) gives you the opportunity to offer a self-check-into your guests, by using tablets at your hotel or even by doing it online.

This way, queues at the reception belong to the past, and the data is transferred automatically to the system.

In the next chapter, Mr Smith will be even more astonished.

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5- So sorry, we’re overbooked

It’s summer in the Bernese Oberland.

Mr Smith and Mrs Jones are looking forward to a week of wellness and trekking around the famous mountains Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. ‘The offer is so great, and I’m so happy that you’ve booked in advance’ she repeats again and again. She really can’t wait for this holiday to start.

They arrive at around four o’clock in the afternoon. They glance through the glass door towards the reception. ‘We’re so lucky, there’s nobody waiting!’ Mrs Jones notices happily.‘Hello, my name’s Smith, I’ve booked the special wellness and trekking offer’ says Mr Smith, while handing over the booking confirmation. The two young men, wearing elegant sports jackets, exchange awkward looks.

‘Welcome, Mr Smith. We’re so sorry, but there’s a problem. We’re completely full.’‘But I have a valid booking confirmation’ Mr Smith protests indignantly.‘Yes, that’s true, and we’re extremely sorry for that, but we had published the offer on different booking platforms and there must’ve been a problem. You’re already the second client today that we couldn’t accommodate.’

With a modern hotel management software like CASY (casy.ch), you can save a lot of hassle. From the software, you can manage all online booking platforms and keep an eye on them in real time. In the next chapter, a hotel proves to be keeping up with the times.

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