9- A chat with the guests

For almost ten years, towards the end of autumn, Mr Smith and Mrs Jones have treated themselves to a wellness stay in this beautiful hotel between the mountains of Valais. They’re now sitting on the terrace, the sun’s shining, and the hotelier has joined them to have a chat.

Surprised, Mr Smith comments: “Well, that’s new! Since when do you have time to sit with the guests and even look relaxed? Don’t get me wrong, you’ve always been very nice, but we could always feel that you didn’t have much time”.


“That’s right” the hotelier confirms. He explains: “Since last spring, a lot has changed indeed as after long evaluations, we’ve chosen a modern hotel management software. Since then, many work processes have become much faster. The software’s relieved me a great deal, and I enjoy spending more time with my guests. At the end of the day, they’re the reason why I’ve become a hotelier – not the administrative work.”


A modern hotel management software like CASY (casy.ch) allows the managers to spend more time with their guests and to take care of the relationship with them instead of sitting in an office.

In the next chapter, Mr Smith will be talking with the hotelier about outdated computers and remote access.

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8- So cheap!

Mrs Jones is in a good mood. They’ve been spending their holidays in southern, Italian-speaking Switzerland for three days now, the sun is shining and she’s just ordered the fifth glass of Prosecco. During the dinner in a cozy restaurant at the lake promenade, they’ve started to chat with a couple sitted at the table next to them.


“Our holidays have never been so cheap. So, we’ve got more money for prosecco!” she tells giggling. The alcohol is showing its influence. “Yes” her partner confirms, “we’ve booked very short-term, and our offer has costed 30% less than two months earlier. These days, some hotels use the same method as airlines:they have dynamic prices based on the offer, the demand and the time to increase their occupancy rate.”


“That’s interesting” their neighbour comments. “And this really works?”

“I guess so, or there wouldn’t be more and more hotels doing that” Mr Smith answers. He tries to impress him by showing off his technical vocabulary: “Professionals call this Fielding.”

“No, darling, it’s called Yielding” Mrs Jones corrects him with a smile.Yielding indeed uses dynamic prices and increases perceivably the occupancy rate as well as the earnings.


A modern hotel management software like CASY (casy.ch) allows also small hotels and resorts to work withmodern methods.In the next chapter, a hotelier is revealing why he’s been feeling more relaxed lately

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