How does CASY improve your guests’ hotel experience?

Guest experience is a fundamental part of hotel management. In this highly competitive industry, guest satisfaction is a key factor for customer loyalty and success. In order to guarantee a high quality experience, all available instruments must be used. In this sense, CASY is a valuable tool to improve your guests’ hotel stay. 


  1. Fast check-ins and check-outs: Thanks to CASY, your guests can check in and out quickly and easily without having to queue at reception. With the online check-in function, guests can complete the registration form in advance, which reduces waiting times and consequently improves their experience. 
  2. Personalised service: CASY gives you an organised overview of your guests’ preferences, requests and personal data. This way, you can make them feel welcome and at ease. With the help of this information, your staff can offer a personalised service and satisfy the individual needs of each guest. 
  3. Fast and direct communication: CASY allows you to communicate directly and quickly with your guests via email. You can send them important information about their stay, such as details of their booking, their room, special offers or events at your hotel. 
  4. Activity management: Thanks to CASY, your guests can quickly and easily book your hotel’s activities, services and experiences without having to contact reception or other members of the staff. This allows them to plan their stay in a personalised and satisfying way. 


Overall, CASY improves the guest experience in your hotel thanks to a series of innovative and intuitive functionalities. With a personalised service, direct communication and activity management, you can offer a high-quality experience and meet the needs of each of your guests. In this way, CASY helps to strengthen guest loyalty, increase the profitability of your hotel and reaffirm your position in the market.


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