CASY Front

The core includes by default the following features

On the overview page (dashboard), you see all relevant figures at a glance. This page adapts its display automatically to your device.

  • The room plan shows all rooms, prices and reservations at a glance
  • Reservations / changes / cancellations can be entered directly on the room plan
  • Different filter options directly on the room plan
  • Clear indication of status, type and origin of reservation in three different colours
  • Search mask: different criteria, also combinable, allowing to search a reservation
  • Selected listing of reservations
  • Enter a new reservation for a room or a room rental
  • Export all data to use it for mailings
  • Search mask: different criteria, also combinable, allowing to search an address
  • Here, you can edit an address or enter a new reservation, among other things
  • Selected listing of guest profiles
  • Enter or change a guest profile
  • Fields can be adapted to specific needs (parametrisable)
  • Email addresses for marketing mailing campaigns
  • Address segmentation with multiple marketing codes

With a password, you decide who can access your CASY hotel software. There are different user roles: Admin, PowerUser, User and WeakUser are installed by default.

  • Documents for correspondence in 4 languages
  • Single / company / group invoices
  • Single / company / group offers
  • Single / company / group confirmations

A great choice of lists to be chosen, for example daily lists for the reception, the housekeeping or the restaurant with related observations. Also daily lists extending over several days.

  • Monthly lists for accounting, management, tourist tax billing and many moore
  • Forecasts over various months
  • Yearly statistics to compare with the year before, based on reservation origins or room categories
  • Yearly statistics with turnover, arrivals, stays, number of rooms

  • Forecast, federal statistics for stays/arrivals
  • Cash balance, copy of cash balance
  • Figures for turnover of reservation accounts / accounting accounts
  • Control list
  • Reservation accounts in 4 languages
  • Accounting acounts with assigned VAT
  • Account segmentation with fixed amounts and/or percentual amounts

Room categories with description in 4 languages for correspondence

  • Rooms that can be reserved for days, for example hotel rooms, parkings etc.
  • Venues that can be reserved for hours, for example seminar rooms, saunas etc.

Program languages: DE-EN-FR-IT-ES

The languages for correspondence with guests can be selected freely


Online sale

Modular expansions for online sale

Through a channel manager, you connect CASY easily with all online platforms you want, such as and many more.

The Yield Manager calculates automatically the sales price, based on occupancy and the time remaining until the reservation. With this innovative solution, occupancy and turnover will increase.

Attribute additional rooms manually to determinate room categories for certain data.  

Put all hotel contingents at 0 for a certain time.

Send your guets a payment invitation by e-mail with a pay-link.


Customer care

Modular expansions for customer care

With the pre-stay-mail module, you can send your guests an automatic welcome email before their stay containing information, directions and information about their stay.

With the post-stay-mail module, you can send your guests an automatic email after their stay containing links to evaluate your hotel.

With the self check-in-mail module, you can send your guests an email with a link and a password, allowing them to enter / modify their personal data on their own. After the electronical signature, this data is automatically transferred to and saved in CASY.

At the reception, your guests can enter/modify their personal data and sign directly on an iPad. It is automatically transferred to and saved in CASY.

Automatic birthday notifications of guests in the hotel or in the guest index, for today and tomorrow.

Connection to other systems

Modular expansions for the connection with other systems

2-way-connection with different cash register systems for restaurants.

Please ask us the list.

2-way-connection to different channel managers.

This way, you will manage the available rooms and insert the desired contingents and prices directly from CASY Front into the various online sales channels.

This way, you can send your monthly HESTA statistics to the Federal Statistical Office  with just one click.

Export your data in the appropriate format for external systems, such as H-Benchmark, cantonal reporting systems, Feratel guest card etc.

Police registration forms are recorded and sended automatically (available in certain cantons).



Modular expansions for administration

Allows to manage and control open items.

Allows to attribute one or more apartments/rooms to an owner.

Separate billings can be made for each owner.

Allows to manage multiple hotels in one software and to create separate statistics and accounting figures for the different facilities.

The housekeeping staff have an iPad/tablet where they can see in real time when a room has checked out. The other way round, the housekeeping staff can indicate a room as “ready” with just one click, the reception being immediately informed.


Modular expansions for personalisation

Allows to attribute multiple beds to a reservation.

Management of multiple bed rooms with channel managers.

Keycodes can be saved in CASY and then be sent in a confirmation email to the guest.

Suitable for offers that are managed by time, such as conference rooms, tennis court etc.

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