2- Where’s the key?

After the long wait at the reception, Mr Smith and Mrs Jones could go on their hike after all, and now they’re back at the reception.

Mr Smith asks for the key: ‘Room 203’. The receptionist shows an apologetic smile: ‘I’m sorry, but you haven’t given us the key, you should have it with you’.‘Do you have it?’ Mr Smith asks his partner with an accusing undertone. ‘No, I’ve seen how you’ve put it in the outer pocket of your backpack this morning’Mrs Jones answers, slightly annoyed.

All searching and blaming is useless: the key has disappeared. After they’ve put back all their things in the backpack, the receptionist goes with them to the upper floor and opens the door with the master ‘It’d be great if you found the key, otherwise we’ll have to change the lock and charge you for it’ she explains politely before leaving.

Mr Smith’s mood darken seven more, like the sky outside. Problems like this are unnecessary nowadays.

With a digital access system, you don’t even need to change locks anymore. A modern hotel management software like CASY (casy.ch) makes things a lot easier.

In the next chapter, Mrs Jones is offered a quite unique “surprise meal.

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1- Two typical hotel guests

Allow me to introduce Mr Smith and Mrs Jones to you: two typical hotel guests like every hotelier would picture them. With them, we’ll travel through Switzerland and its hotels and follow their experiences. Today, they’re directed towards the mountains in the Grisons.

After a two hours’ car drive, they finally arrive at a cosy hotel, and Mr Smith is looking forward to putting on his walking shoes and enjoying the sunny spring afternoon while going hiking on the nearest mountain. If only he knew…

Just before them, three other couples have arrived, and now they’re queuing at the reception to do the check in. After a seemingly infinite time, the first couple carries their suitcases into the lift. Mr Smith rolls his eyes and glances at his partner: ‘Why’s it taking so long’? It’s their turn at last. The elegant receptionist who welcomes them is extremely kind, and her smile makes them almost forget the long wait – almost.

Dear reader, have you ever had a similar experience? You can be quicker, for example with a modern hotel management software like CASY (casy.ch).

The next chapter will be about a missing room key.





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