Pre-stay email: How to use them effectively

Your guests’ hotel experience starts even before their arrival. 

One element that your guests value particularly is a welcome email, which conveys valuable information and is sent a few days before their arrival. 


Communicating with guests via email is a strategic activity for hotel managers. The advantages of pre-stay emails are numerous:

  • Increase anticipation of the hotel experience by welcoming your guests in advance;
  • Reassure your guests;
  • Identify your guests’ preferences to offer personalised solutions;
  • Transmit useful information;
  • Give the opportunity to book additional offers and thus increase the revenue of your establishment.


Some useful information that you might want to include in a pre-stay email is:

  • Times for check-in and check-out;
  • Ways to cancel or change the booking;
  • Directions to the hotel;
  • Additional offers;
  • Tips for activities during the stay. 


Another strategic option is to send a post-stay email after the departure of your guests’. A typical example of this is a satisfaction survey joined with thanks for their stay. 


For our CASY Hotel Software, there is also a Self-Check-In module. This allows hotel managers to request their guests to fill in their personal details and comfortably check-in at home. 

Thanks to our PrePostStay-Mail module, you can contact your guests completely automatically via email before and after their stay, whenever you wish.


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CASY: The Hotel Software for a Perfect Organisation

CASY is a comprehensive front-office programme that makes the administration and management of hotels, guesthouses, holiday flats and resorts much easier. 

CASY offers numerous advantages in the hotel industry. Here we present to you the most important ones. 


Suitable for establishments of all sizes 

Would you like to simplify the management and monitoring of your small hotel business? However, are you afraid that this would result in excessive costs?

Digitalisation does not differentiate between small and large businesses: CASY is therefore the flexible and efficient solution for you. 

CASY can be expanded modularly at any time and thus adapts perfectly to your needs. You only pay for what you really need. It is therefore an extremely flexible solution that adapts to the individual requirements of each client and establishment. 


Efficient administration 

With CASY, you monitor important hotel data precisely and in real time. CASY offers all the administration options required for hotel management. You also receive numerous statistics to monitor all your hotel’s activities and create long-term forecasts. 


Founded by hotel industry professionals

The CASY Hotel Software was born from the experience and passion of hoteliers. Thanks to their twenty years of experience in running hotels and their daily contact with hotel and resort managers, the founders of CASY have unrivalled expertise.


Customer support 

Customer support is a priority for CASY and is therefore provided with care and attention. We carry out the software configuration according to the requirements of your hotel and offer you tailor-made support. We place particular emphasis on the initial configuration and training, so that we can adapt the software to the individual needs of our customers. 


Simple and intuitive operation 

With our software, you can carry out your reception tasks easily, quickly and efficiently. 

You don’t need to install any additional hardware and you manage your hotel exclusively in the cloud: this way, you can access it from anywhere in the world and from any device. 


We remain available to answer your questions. Please contact us here:

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